WPSnet International

Since 2001, WPSnet International has been among Europe’s leading CMS companies, developing WPS – Web Publishing System® and providing Internet solutions and websites to businesses around the world. From the head office in Denmark, WPSnet International operates in a number of different countries, each of which has their own sales offices and professional and knowledgeable staff.

The company’s vision has always been to supply companies and organizations worldwide with one of the most functional, secure and user-friendly CMS solutions available, enabling them to take full advantage of the website as a marketing tool and provide a very personal and professional service, making loyal new friends – not simply adding clients to the portfolio.

By combining our offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with native speakers of English, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Hungarian, Danish and German, WPSnet International is always available to provide support to its clients around the world and around the clock. Service is the keyword and we believe that good service makes the difference. We continue to establish new sales and support offices, and make WPS available in local languages to cover the needs of our clients.

WPS – Web Publishing System® is one of the only Content Management Systems available that can deliver multiple language versions of your website as standard. We currently provide translation in Danish, Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese, Hungarian, Norwegian, Japanese and Thai. We are constantly adding more as requests are received from our customers.