Freedom to define your own internet!

WPS is a website solution with a Content Management System (CMS) that enables a simple and efficient management of all kinds of web communication.

With a WPS CMS anyone can feel at ease in the word processor-type environment and can easily maintain the content and all the features on the website or portal. No knowledge of HTML-coding or any other kind of coding is necessary.

Thanks to the unique and user friendly editing tool, any employee in a company with a WPS solution can easily create menus, write articles, update news etc. and skillfully manage the entire website or portal after only a short introduction.

WPS makes it possible to share the maintenance of the website between several people in the company and the system provides instant accessibility from anywhere – the office, from home or while traveling.

All that is required is an internet connection.

A WPS solution is a quick and efficient way to achieve the dynamic and professional website that modern marketing and communication requires.

To ensure client satisfaction, our web solution is flexible and fully scalable and can be tailor made to suit any company’s or organization’s individual needs.


WPS - Web Publishing System® modules

WPS modules, Plug'n'Play - easy, flexible and advanced.