WPSnet International - General sales and delivery terms

1. Basic
Our sales and delivery terms apply to the customer and WPSnet International to the extent that they are not altered through explicit agreement between both parties.

2. Offers and agreements
Offers are binding for Wpsnet International for one month from the date of the offer.

3. Price
Besides the quoted price or the agreed price, WPSnet International is entitled to demand payment for work incurred as a result of incomplete, inaccurate or insufficient material being supplied by the customer, or if corrections are made in the delivered material after Wpsnet International has already begun working on the job.

Moreover, WPSnet International is entitled to invoice the customer for any additional time spent on the job over and above that agreed on, and/or the customer makes changes or additions to the project specification that the original quote was based on.

4. Delivery
Delivery takes place on the with the customer agreed time. If material is received later than agreed, or if the material is insufficient, the delivery time will automatically be put off – unless other has been agreed on.

Should delivery be delayed or hindered because of force majeure according to Danish law or the customer’s action or failure, WPSnet International is entitled to a proportionate extension of the delivery time or to cancel the agreement.

Should an incident as mentioned above cause that the fulfilment of WPSnet International’s delivery obligations increase the costs of the project for Wpsnet International, WPSnet International is bound to carry the project through, if the customer declares that he is willing to compensate WPSnet International by paying the of WPSnet International calculated extra costs.

5. Payment
Unless other has been agreed upon, payment is due within 10 days from invoice date.
If the customer do not pay as to the terms of payment, WPSnet International can withhold further deliverances until full payment has been made. By overdue payments WPSnet International will charge the customer 2% of the invoice in interest per month until WPSnet International has received the payment. If it is necessary to send payment reminders, WPSnet International will add a reminder fee. If the customer still do not pay within 14 days after date of the 1. reminder, WPSnet International can choose to close down the site. Immediately after receiving the full payment WPSnet International will re-open the site again.

6. Ownership, intellectual property rights etc.
WPSnet International’s sketches, layouts, function programming, database programming, text suggestions etc, regardless of with which procedure or technique they have been produced, and regardless of in which way they are kept, belong to the customer, but cannot in any way, without WPSnet International’s approval, be resold or handed over to a third party.

Regarding the source code, this software at all times belongs to WPSnet International, be it basic or specially developed software.

7. Delay
Should there be considerable delays, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract if the parties have agreed in writing, that the customer made fulfilment at an exact and determined time a condition for the contract. Exceptions are situations where delivery is delayed or not possible because of force majeure or the customer’s actions or omission.

8. Defects
WPSnet International has no responsibility for errors that the customer has not corrected while proofreading or the like in writing.

Minor deviation from approved tests or specifications agreed on does not entitle the customer to a reduction in price, to deny receiving the commissioned work or to demand compensation.

9. Deadline for corrections
The customer has the responsibility after approval of the assignment – and the immediate launch thereafter on the Internet – to point out any errors/proof corrections within three days from the date of launch. Any such corrections must be reasonably limited in proportion to the size of the job. After the 3 days further corrections that are not caused by circumstances at Wpsnet International will be charged on an hourly basis.

10. Responsibility
In the incident of delay or defects in the delivered job, WPSnet International cannot be held responsible if the delay or defect is due to errors or injuries to developed software, which demonstrably has caused delay or defects of the production, in case of labour disputes of any kind, and under any circumstances of which Wpsnet International does not have control.

In the instance of delay or defects in the delivered job, WPSnet International is not responsible for the customer’s possible working loss, loss of profit or other indirect loss as a result of the customer’s judicial conditions to a third party.

WPSnet International has no responsibility for the customer’s lack of title to reproduction, multiplication or publication of writing, pictures, drawings, sounds, designs, illustrations, texts, trade marks or other business characteristics and other articles, including design or other material that can be  subject to a thirs party’s rights.

WPSnet International has no responsibility for loss or damages of property such as originals, materials etc which do not belong to Wpsnet International, but have been left by the customer with reference to solving an agreed job or with reference to keeping, including keeping of works Wpsnet International has accomplished.

11. Suppliers
WPSnet International is entitled to having work entirely or partly carried out from suppliers.

12. Termination
The term of notice is current quarter plus 3 months.  

12. Copyright
WPSnet International takes no responsibility for enquiring permission to use and change delivered material.

13. Buyer’s law
Danish legislation, applies to present agreement to the extent the legal conditions are not laid down in the agreement’s text or in present sales and delivery conditions.