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How to shop:

Select the products you want to buy and put them in you Shopping Cart

Press "Buy product(s)"

Register according to the form (you details will be logged but will not be used)

Agree to the shops "General sales and delivery terms"

You will the recieve a E-mail invoice from the shop (in a live web shop you would have been routed to the payment gateway to enter credit card details).

What happens then:

WPS web shop will then send out 2 e-mails, one INVOICE to the client (You) and one to the administrator of the shop for further processing.

(The products in this web shop are the product we sell but can of cause be replaced by you, easy and fro anywhere.)

The web shop can be setup with a PAYMENT GATEWAY so it can accept credit card.

It is NOT possible to buy anything from this shop; it's purpose is ONLY to show how the WPS webshop works.



Enjoy your stay, if you have any further enqueries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here

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The WPS Core Engine is the basic cms solution with WPS CMS Core Engine and 6 additional modules

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A wide selection of modules can be added to your WPS Solution.

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